The idea for the Skilligence® Workshops began in the early sixties. I had bought a large lot of high speed taper shank drills at the Navy Yard in Vallejo, CA; and still on the yard, stopped at a red traffic light at the top of a small hill or bridge, when I was hit hard from the rear by a truck, who's driver evidently didn’t see either my car or the light. This brought on an abreaction to two head injuries suffered during World War II.  (read more in "About Us")

Register Here (make entries in each space)                                                                        Workshop Co-Leaders:                                                                                                       Menko Rose, Ph.C., M.S., LMFT, Retired, 
                                                                                                                                David M. Hall, A.A., Josaf Rodriguez and Cheef Kirk Johnson  


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$40  for the 12 week series; Veterans Free

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Dear Menko,
​Thank you so much for sharing your time, your knowledge and your experience with us. Skilligence has been a mind blowing and life changing experience for me. Every time I enjoy a Red’s Do-nut I will think fondly of you. I hope you will “chunk” this small token of my appreciation.
 —  Gene Wiley                                                     Insurance Executive                                                             11-23-2013

Dearest Menko,  
​I apologize deeply for not appearing /attending on Saturday, but my life is starting to go into high gear, and I think it is because all of your wonderful classes/lectures have subliminally found a home in my subconcsious self!  Mr. David was kind enough to compliment me in all that I was involved in and my drive, but i told him that all I was doing was keeping up with what I had put into motion and all of my projects and details have unfolded in the most timely manner.  I think when one has many things going on one is forced  to think very objectively, calmly and in a most problem solving manner, with absolutely no margin for FEAR or PANIC or TERROR! I am being swept along in the "current of creativity" of my own making and I feel profound gratitude to you Menko and to David for opening my mind and pushing my boundaries for me!!!!!   With all of my appreciation to you both,   
your friend — Brigitta Ambo

(At UC MBEST 10/11/13)


The real miracle is

that we are here
that we are conscious that we are alive. --Bruce Kaduk


by Menko Rose, Ph.C., M.S., LMFT Retired


      Learning Skills Center



(At th​e Community Room

of the Comerica Bank

in Monterey 11/16/13)​

And being here,

Intelligence is our 
​most treasured possession, the true source
of our gre​atest power. Developing that intelligence our greatest privilege.