"Thanks for inspiring me and the rest of the world that they have choice about how they can think, feel and behave!
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“Cheers to the amazing Menko. I only hope to be  half as optimistic, cheerful and mellow as you are when I get old. I am more mellow than some people that I know who are my age. Of course I think that part of being mellow is choice. 

That started an “abreaction,” a reaction to two previous head injuries and other trauma suffered during World War II and a referral to the psychiatric department of the Veterans Administration hospital in Menlo Park.
After several very enthusiastic and enjoyable series, we are now offering Skilligence® Workshopsto both veterans (FREE) and non-veterans (at low cost) at three locations: at the Carmel Foundation in Carmel, at the Community Room of the Comerica Bank in Monterey and at the UC MBEST Center at the Marina Airport and continuing to evolve - - and inviting you to join us. 

There, under the supervision of John N. Marquis, Ph.D., the head psychologist, I learned to relax anxieties and phobia away, to attend and stop focus flitting, to motivate myself from my brain rather than my impulses and fears, took training in memory and reading skills, among other things and tried my brain out on a Masters Degree in School Psychology at UC Hayward. I had converted myself in a year or two from a 2.09 average in undergraduate school at Cornell University to an A student, got my Masters Degree in Counseling with a California Counseling Credential K–13 and went on to try for a Ph.D. in Learning at the University of Washington, settling for various reasons for the Ph.C.     

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Miryam N. Mejia, LMFT

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D.A.V.  ​Jr. Past State Commander 
​V.A.V.S. Chairperson,
   Dept Of California  2013-2014

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You have tons of backup going in to the Legion. Your message will be well received because you believe, (like all Skilligence students) in a great opportunity to enhance the lives of people in a positive way. Thank you for speaking to our community and sharing this life changing product. ​

Josaf Rodriguez

       Motivational Speaker

       Former Marine and Police Officer  

After that,continuing to explore the same theme, I gave relaxation training to three school counselors who gave it to six fourth grade teachers who gave it to their students with rather modest results, wrote my Master’s thesis, MODIFICATION OF MANIFESTED INTELLIGENCE THROUGH RELAXATION TRAINING IN THE CLASSROOM, gave instruction, relaxation and practice of a memory challenge to 40 University of Washington students with modest results, wrote a dissertation, INTELLIGENCE RECONSIDERED: IS IT BECOMING A SKILL?, gave four talks on the improvability of adult human intelligence at School Psychology conventions, taught psychology at a community College in Washington, an intelligence improvement class for adults in Palo Alto, and something over two years ago, offered the first iteration of this Skilligence Workshop to veterans at the Veterans Administration Clinic in Seaside, California, where David Hall joined me as Co-Leader.    
While testinga learning handicapped elementary school student during School Psychology training, I gave brief relaxation and attention training in between subtests of the Wechsler IQ, with a subsequent increase in score level. That cost me the School Psychology credential (for not following proper IQ testing procedures), but started me on discovering more ways to increase intelligence. 

The idea for the Skilligence® Workshopsbegan in the early sixties. 
I had bought a lot of large high speed taper shank drills at the Navy Yard in Vallejo, CA; and still on the yard stopped
at a red traffic light
at the top of a small hill or bridge, I was hit hard from the rear by a truck, who's driver evidently didn’t see my car or the traffic light. 

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"I am always amazed learning new intelligence skills. Your many years of work will change people's way of looking at their potential. Thanks for sharing your life experiences and sharing your gift."